Our patients deserve privacy, and as the practice of medicine becomes more digitized it is clear that it is the physician’s responsibility to adopt secure solutions for communication and identity verification in order to restore that privacy. This is why we are building HPEC.

Physicians took the Hippocratic Oath, and especially in this ever-advancing digital age, our duty to our patients extends to their protected health information, which includes the information we document in electronic health records.

As physicians the digital documentation and sharing of our patient’s information with third parties is no longer necessary. Creating and adopting solutions which avoid that, will preserve the sanctity and the privacy of the physician patient relationship.

Patients should have control over their health records. It is the physicians who create these records, so it is the physicians who need to build and provide access to the solutions to allow them to do that.


Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the first step to providing those solutions.