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Unlock the future of healthcare.

Restoring the rights of physicians and their patients.

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Blockchain Free Market Healthcare

The United States healthcare crisis needs a solution.

The Solution is New

For physicians, we believe that the solution is an entirely new system.

We Alleviate Roadblocks with Blockchain

HPEC, the Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community, is using blockchain technology to build a platform that alleviates the third-party roadblocks that erode our patient-physician relationships.

Decentralized Technology Brings Privacy

Because HPEC is decentralized, YOU own your information.

HPEC solves credentialing and licensure processes that keep physicians tied to third-party systems.

Here’s what you can expect:

Improvement in Healthcare Quality

When physicians untether themselves from healthcare systems, patients get the best care. As a result, they interact directly with their physician free from the influence of outside parties.

Physician Autonomy

HPEC Physicians secure their professional brand with a digital identity. Most importantly, they attach it to their credentials. Consequently, physicians determine the rules of engagement with managed care and healthcare systems.

Employment Mobility

Healthcare systems save time and money by recruiting and credentialing physicians through this streamlined platform. Because we verify physician credentials on the decentralized ledger, we eliminate the risk of errors, redundancies, and administrative waste.

Physician Ownership

Each physician’s digital identity is attached to an egalitarian governance platform where they can vote and magnify their voices.


  • Healthcare costs exceed 3.9 Trillion dollars annually.
  • In the United States, we create higher costs with worse outcomes than any other industrialized nation.
  • Further, More than 700 Billion dollars are wasted on healthcare each year.
Our secure technology will:

  • Give every physician a self-sovereign digital identity which allows them to:
    • Move freely throughout the healthcare system.
    • Collaborate and convene with colleagues.
  • As a result, these processes lead physicians to regain their autonomy.

Why is this necessary?

Physicians know what the problems are.

We are on the front lines of healthcare delivery. However, in the United States, we have been disempowered by managed care, and we’ve have failed to organize ourselves.


When we give physicians a self-sovereign digital identity, we allow them to remain independent. Also, a decentralized network allows them to work together and collaborate- free from hierarchy– regardless of how large the community gets. in short, Blockchain technology makes all of this possible.

People are already trying to fix healthcare. Why HPEC?

Physicians must have personal, actionable rights.


Certainly, we have national and regional medical associations who are working hard to do something, but as they grow, they become fragmented. Because of this, there is a lack of cohesiveness in messaging and actionable plans.


The foundation for HPEC is a decentralized network of Physicians who can communicate freely and openly. The success of our community doesn’t rely on every physician agreeing with the tenets of a movement. Instead, it relies on every physician having individual, actionable rights.

Who owns HPEC?
HPEC is owned by the same physicians that power the network. Certainly, the most valuable asset in the healthcare industry is the knowledge skills and voice of the physicians and surgeons who care for us. For that reason, we are translating that asset to a digital space.


HPEC aims to stay 100% physician-owned by crowdfunding from physicians to build the product. Physicians interested in investing are welcome to contact our investment team to discuss unique (early-stage) opportunities here.

Physicians control 80% of healthcare spending.

Americans waste $0.30 of every healthcare dollar.

The US Healthcare system is the most expensive and worst performing.

There has been a 3500% increase in Healthcare Administrators since 1975.


What our founding physicians say:

With three decades on the clinical front, I am public health policy-minded.

I have experience in system improvement projects, and both private and public services have shown a lack of physician participation in shaping our own profession and the outcomes we desire to our patients. I would like to have a voice and be a force that disrupts this status quo and regain control of what Medicine should and could be about, so I’m looking forward to this.

— C.H., M.D.

I am eager to see a change in the treatment of physicians and patients.

I studied medicine because I didn’t enjoy deception that occurred in other trades and business. It bothers me and I want to make a difference, so I was eager to join a field where I felt there was still some integrity. I feel that the commercialization and middlemanization of medicine has diluted trust that society has in doctors. I’d like to make it less dilute.

— D.R., M.D.

I only stay in medicine because I care about my patients.

However, it is becoming harder and harder to take good care of them in this broken system. We must make Doctors in charge of the execution of medical care before we harm patients further… we are headed for disaster!

— G.F., M.D.

Join us today and help create the doctor delivered healthcare system.

To fund this project, we will seek funding primarily from physicians and surgeons. We want Physicians to be the true owners of their identity, so we hope they also decide to be the true owners of this platform that will make that possible. We know the future of healthcare should be designed and owned by the ones who actually provide the care, and the strategic partnerships we choose will reflect that. Contact us to learn more.

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