We believe that physicians should own their right to work, and to interact with their patients privately

HPEC is restoring agency and autonomy to the physician patient relationship with self-sovereign (physician owned and controlled) digital identities and verifiable credentials 

Secure Patient and Professional information all in one place

Protect your professional brand.
Protect your patients privacy


We believe that the physician community doesn’t need another medical society or association. What we need is a way for those societies and the individuals they represent to communicate and collaborate towards common interests in a confidential, secure and direct way- free from third party oversight or influence.

The key to making this all possible is a new secure, censorship resistant technology that puts ownership, control and power directly in the hands of the individual physician. This is only made possible by self-sovereign identity technology, or SSI. HPEC is building an SSI solution that creates an opportunity for the physician to be the only source of ownership and control over their data and ability to share and communicate electronically.

SSI allows for peer to peer collaboration and communication around shared interests and common goals. Physicians will also be able to collaborate with their colleagues and vote on issues that concern them in a truly democratic way. Once every physician has their own self sovereign digital identity- they will then be able to also communicate with their patients in a truly direct manner.

We plan to make this technology free for the physician community once it is built. In order to keep the background technology physician owned and controlled we are offering a unique opportunity, for physicians to become founding investors, and owners in this future.


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